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PARENTS SAY: When we moved here from Northern Ireland last year it was hard for my 12 year old son to make friends. He has mild learning difficulties and is on the autistic spectrum. He loves singing and dancing and I convinced him to try Dream Academy along with his younger sister. He has gone from strength to strength. A combination of inclusion within the group, and the feeling that it was a safe place to express himself, without fear of ridicule has been achieved by the Dream Academy team. It has massively increased his confidence and improved his self-esteem no end. I’m so grateful that such a group exists in the area.

WE SAY: When Kealan first trialed at Dream Academy he was full of energy and ready to learn. Since being with us he has proved his passion for performing and even undertook a solo in our last show which he was extremely excited about and he certainly showed us all how it was done. We very much look forward to continuing to work with Kealan for many years to come.
PARENTS SAY: From a young age Kodie has always had a love of music whether it’s singing, dancing, playing ect but she lacked confidence. She always sat in her bedroom and played alone, friends would knock for her but she refused to go out until after a while her friends stopped knocking, knowing she wasn’t going to go out. At school and other clubs she would learn her ques to perfection, but crumbled and even sometimes broke down in tears once on stage in front of people. Since going to Dream Academy she not only has made new friends, her confidence has grown not only on stage but at home as well. She now goes out all the time, she’s not afraid of making new friends, speaking out in class and asking questions. Her confidence has grown so much, she now is singing on stage and even in class and the playground at school, her lifestyle has changed so much for the better and I believe Dream Academy played a good part in helping her overcome her confidence issues and am thankful of the new lease of life they have given to my daughter.

WE SAY: When we first met Kodie she was quite shy and unsure of her abilities. We soon realised that Kodie has a fantastic singing voice and we worked on her self confidence to such an extent that she was able to perform a solo in our last show and she also managed to get threw the first round of The Voice kids 2017. Kodie works very hard in class and we look forward to her progressing even further.
PARENTS SAY: Kai has been coming to Dream Academy for 8 months. Kai still gets very excited about attending his class each week and is making excellent progress. Kais confidence grows week on week and this shows in activities at school and his social life especially on family holidays where he spends the whole evening on the dance floor. Kai was very nervous on his first day at Dream Academy but was made to feel very welcome and after his first class has been more than happy to stay by himself. The team all work very had with the children and encourage them to achieve to the best of their ability. All the hard work come together when Kai got to take part in his first show earlier this year and had the confidence to perform on stage in a full theatre.

WE SAY: Kai has been a quiet little boy since starting at Dream Academy and to begin with lacked in confidence. Within the 8 months Kai has come on leaps and bounds and is a pleasure to teach. When starting with us Kai would rarely speak and now he answers technical questions and memorises most of the dance moves. Kais ability to dance and sing has come such a long way and we know it will only continue to improve. Well done Kai!
PARENTS SAY: When Tia started with Dream Academy she was very shy and struggled very much with putting herself in the limelight. Within weeks I could see her improving and every week she loves going to her class. She has done a couple of shows which she has done a solo dance in. Not only is her confidence improving, Dream academy has pushed her beyond limits. She auditioned for The Voice kids, unfortunately she only got through to the second round but that in itself is an amazing experience and it's all thanks to Dream Academy. She has also now been selected for the dance comp group which Tia is super excited about, every week she can't wait for her classes. Can't thank everyone at Dream Academy enough for making my little girl super confident and happy

WE SAY: When Tia first came to Dream Academy she was extremely shy and nervous. Over the last 18 months we have managed to harness Tia’s nerves and she is now able to use them to her advantage instead of to her determent. Tia is extremely passionate about both dance and singing and is now part of our dance competition squad. She has also performed solos in our shows and got through to the second round of the Voice Kids 2017. We are very excited to continue watching Tia’s progress keep up the good work!
PARENTS SAY: Ryan really enjoys going to Dream Academy. He is excited to go and always full of beans afterwards. When he started he was very keen but quite shy and self-conscious. However, this didn’t put him off and it has been lovely to see how inclusive the group is. He was so proud of himself when he did his first show on a stage, as were we! Recently, I have noticed how much more confident he is speaking in front of people. (At Christmas he sang in front of family, and narrated a play which he made up with his cousins). Ryan is having speech therapy at school, and I really believe that drama has helped with his confidence to use his voice and has helped in his speech therapy. Going to Dream Academy has given him an inner confidence and happiness which I don’t think he would have without it.

WE SAY: When Ryan first came to us he very shy and struggled with some of the exercises we did in class. Within the last 6 months Ryan has really excelled and has turned into such a confident little boy that will give everything a go. We truly believe Ryan will continue to build in confidence and we look forward to seeing how far it will go in the future. Well done Ryan!
Our daughter loves it. Shes made friends and is learning so much. She had her first show after 4 months and loved every second. Thank you dream Academy for all you do for the children
Dani Wallace
Brilliant! My son has just got home from his 1st play wow!! He loved it xx
Cheryl Hogan
My 5 year old daughter joined Last year March and she absolutely loves this class. She’s always so excited on a Monday after school because she knows she will be going straight to Dream PA. After a long day at school I thought she might be too exhausted to do 2 hour class but seems to come home full of beans and re-energised. Dayzee and her team are warm and wonderful. This class has made my daughter so much more confident! Really happy we found Dream Academy and would recommend to anyone !!!
Malitha Randeniya
My daughter joined Dream Academy a few months ago and absolutely loves it !! Singing acting and dancing what a great club, suitable for all ages and abillites and Dayzee and her team are lovely, would reccomend this club highly.
Sharon Gates
Rubies begged me to let her do pantos for a while now so I trawled the internet and found Dream Acadamy. When Rubie first started she was shy and had a lack in self esteem and self confidence. In the past year I’ve watched her grow in to a total diva! She loves singing and dancing all the time, her self confidence has grew and she will participate in group activities in school as well as out. The staff at Dream academy are lovely and welcome all the children with a warm welcome. I’m excited to see how much she’s grown with Dream Acadamy in the upcoming show that everyone has worked so hard for, I really believe that attending this Acadamy really helped with Rubies self esteem & confidence so Thankyou! :)
Becca Faulkner
An absolute amazing team! So pleased that Dream Academy was recommended to us for my daughter. I saw a change in her even on her free trial visit. She loves being part of the team and we can’t wait to watch her blossom even more than she has already. The confidence gained in just a few weeks is lovely to see! Keep up all of the hard work, you are brilliant at what you do Xx
Emma Allen
"Excellent, Happy, Friendly Atomosphere, Great opportunitys. My daughter started in june 2017, in a short amount of time her confidence has grown so much. she has performmed solo in brooke theatre, and now has been invited to an audition in london tv studio. something i thought id never see her do. she looks forward to going each week. The staff are brilliant, helpful and encouraging, the kids love them, and i cant thank them enough. i would definitely recommend them, best decision ive made."
Janet Tomsett
"My daughter joined just over a year ago and I watched hergo from strength to strength! She has had some amazing opportunities and great experiences. Thankyou to the Dream Academy team for all their help and support!"
Kelly Cornish Carter
"My two children go to the sittingbourne class and they absolutely LOVE it! My son has mild learning difficulties and is on ASD spectrum and his whole week revolves around this class. It really has helped with their confidence and self esteem."
Ria Owens
"Our 6 year old loves it here and has come a very long way in such a short space of time, then to perform with her class in front of 300 people Wow!! Very proud mummies. Thankyou Dreams your amazing!"
Mikki O'Reilly
"My daughter starter when she was 3 in the newly set up pre school class at woodlands school. I am truly surprised at what she has learnt in just a few months. Shanel her dance/drama/singing teacher is great and would recommend dream academy to anyone that would like to build confidence into their child."
Katy Gore
"My Daughter loves it!! Keep up the good work!"
Richard Dannaher
"Amazing!! That's all I can say about Dream Academy. My daughter has been going to this group since day 1 and her confidence has grown so much. She looks forward to going every week and learning the new songs and routines. Really happy we found this group."
Denise Wells
"Amazing show at the brook theatre tonight, my daughter loves her class in Maidstone and Shanel her teacher"
Trudy Poppy Sunnucks
"My daughter absolutely loves it, she is based in the Canterbury one, her teacher is Ashley and I must say he hasn't been there long but he is great really works well with children and teaches them in a fun way which the children respond well too, he's fab"
28th December 2016
"My little girl started 3 weeks ago. She love's dream and can't wait every week till she can go again and see everyone.. she's always singing the songs and saying her words for her part in the show. So proud of her and would recommend Dream Academy to anyone"
Amy Louise O'Reilly
"My son is 7 years old and absolutely loves this class. He used to go to another drama class, but this one is so much more fun, and inclusive of everyone no matter what their ability is. He comes home singing all the songs, and dancing, so good to see! This class has made him so much more confident! Dayzee and her team work so hard. Highly recommend! Fabulous!"
Eleanor Stamp
"My son loves this class and has made lots of new friends, he looks forward to going every week. He has found a love for singing and dancing and confidence to perform. I would not hesitate to recommend dream academy as an affordable, fun class for any ability or confidence level."
Danielle Link
"I cannot rate Dreams academy highly enough! My daughter has been going since it started and she has come on leaps and bounds. The instructors are fab and I feel each child is given their chance to shine. Dayzee and her team work so hard for the children and the classes are affordable! Thanks so much!"
Jenny May
"My daughter has been going for the last few weeks and loves it"
Tina Courtney
"My daughter absolutely loves this class. Never seen her so enthusiastic as she is about going to this. Amazing teacher."
Jane Stevens
"My eldest daughter and youngest son absolutely love this class! So worth the money for the fun they are having"
Alison Haigh